Sometimes when you live your life as a fulltime-vegan, you may feel a sudden urge to eat something you used to(and probably still) love! In my case that is often this swedish cheese called wästerbottensost, and also salmon. Before this veganfoolishness I used to mix smoked salmon with creme fraiche, red onion and salt/pepper. mmmm its SO GOOD! So obviosly since I cant eat this no more the body senses that and eventually starts to make noises like “salmon!!! i need salmon!! gimme”

LUCKILY this is 2014 and veganism is not a new concept. Mostly when I have these urges, some(a lot of) people have already had this several times before me, and also come up with a solution. All I need to do is google and there’sthe answer! I found this awesome swedish blog where I got the inspiration to both the salmon and the cheesecake!
Thereby I now proudly present to you – vegan salmon!

What its made of? Aubergine! Its really easy to do actually:
You’ll need:
1 Aubergine
1-2 papers of nori seaweed
1 teaspoon Seasalt – BEWARE! do not repeat my mistake of adding to much salt. almost made me cry(thats not to difficult though) so I had to do it all over again!
1 Beetroot(for the color)
4 tbsp fresh dill

Put all of the ingredients in a baking dish, make sure everythring is evenly spread out! After that you put it in the oven for about 30 minutes and thats it!

yeah so obvoisly I failed with the color by adding to much nori. Whatever…like i care :/
Ta-da! the vegan version of my beloved salmonmix. Put this on a toasted sandwich and you’ll be happy, so happy.

So, here is a recipe for a salmoncheesecake!(In swedish its called skärgårdscheesecake, which basically means archipielago-pie..)IMG_0932
Mix 1/2 loaf of ryebread with some vegan butter, and you have the bottom!IMG_0929Vegan creeme cheese:
1-2 dlMacadamianuts(soak in water a while before)
salt & pepper

Blend everything until smooth!
IMG_0943 IMG_0942
After that you mix everything with some chopped red onion and chives, and add to the pie. At the top you put some ruccola, and some cream cheese with dill at the top.
Voila! MMMMM!!!!

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  1. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM alltså man borde fanken go all vegan när man ser alla dessa DELLIS!!!

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